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20 Second Fitness

So I am sure most of you can relate, between kids, work, cleaning, and cooking, I literally have no time to haul my butt to the gym. Every morning I wake up saying, okay this evening I swear I am going to go workout. By the time I get home, finish with dinner, and get the kids ready for bed, I am exhausted and ready to lay my head on the pillow leaving me to say, “Ok, tomorrow. I will workout tomorrow.” Sound familiar?

It is something I have been struggling with for a while now. I would love to have my pre pregnancy body back and maybe even have it look better than before. I want to tone up and feel confident in whatever clothing I choose to wear without worrying about that dreaded muffin top or a gut.

About a month ago I was handed a workout kit from 20 Second Fitness and was told that this would be perfect for my hectic schedule. 20 Seconds? Hmm.. I can spare 20 seconds to see what this whole thing is about. Little did I know this workout kit would become life changing…

I started with the first DVD, Warmup week. I will have to admit, I was thinking how on earth I was going to lose weight. Sure my muscles were sore, but I was really hoping for more action and excitement. Oh boy did my mind change when I started Week 2, 3 and so on. These DVD’s kicked my butt (in a good way)! No wonder why Warm Up week was so important, it really got my body and muscles ready for the intense weeks ahead.

How does it work?

20 Second Fitness is scientifically designed to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals through short, high-intensity interval workouts that exhaust the muscles and burn calories. The program focuses on working out at your maximum effort for 20 second intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4-12 minutes at a time.

20 Second Fitness works by tapping into the rarely used anaerobic energy system with rapid calorie burn and muscle targeting to build lean muscle and boost your metabolism.

Rapid Burn Resistance Training

  • Through focused, rapid burn resistance training, you will quickly and efficiently overload muscle groups to maximize toning, sculpting, and building of lean muscle, which in turn leads to additional calorie burn.
  • Each day, 20 Second Fitness focuses on different muscle groups using 20 second HIIT intervals that target and overload specific muscles.
  • Targeting muscles with rapid burn exercises involves the breakdown of muscle fibers with increased stress. After overloading the specific muscle groups, we concentrate on another group to ensure proper rest time where the muscle can rebuild and become stronger.

Flash Cardio

  • 20 Second Fitness burns the maximum amount of calories in the minimum amount of time.
  • In a clinical study, 20 Second Fitness has shown to burn up to 12x the calories as traditional exercise.
  • 4 short minutes of HIIT during 20 Second Fitness can burn as many calories as 48 minutes of aerobic exercise.

What comes in the Workout Kit?

  • 40 fast, fun workouts on 6 DVD’s
  • Free Resistance Bands
  • Free Jump Rope
  • Free Food Guide
  • Free Progress Calendar
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why we love it

  • Everyone has at least 4- 12 mins of spare time. Sure beats getting into the car to drive to they gym or working out either the home or gym for an hour
  • Completely customizable. Go at your own pace
  • No strict dieting or calorie counting
  • It’s fast and effective

Remember… INTENSITY IS KEY! When they say run… you better run like you are getting chased by a tiger. When they say jump.. you better jump as if you were standing on scalding hot coals. You give it your all for 20 seconds at a time. If you do that, I can say very confidently that you will see results.
I personally started seeing results after starting Week 2. Not only could I see it physically, but I had A LOT more energy and more confidence.
Here is a quick video to give you an idea:


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* Disclaimer- I did receive a workout set to review, the opinions written above are my own and should never substitute a medical professionals advice. Results may vary.

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  • Jess T.

    Wow, Jasmine! I’m so glad you found something that works for you! I love interval training and its fun to involve the little ones in too. There’s nothing more fun to them then getting to move fast, fast, fast! :)

    • Jasmine

      SO TRUE! Ethan is my biggest encourager and LOVES doing the workouts with me. I should video tape him doing it. It is so funny.

  • Jessica

    I love this! Also pictured you being chased by a tiger haha

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