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Better Life – Clean Happens: Natural Cleaning Products

The giveaway for this post has ended. Winners announced below.

You shouldn’t have to wear a mask… in order to scrub.

If you haven’t heard of Better Life products before, allow me to let you in on a little secret. These products boast a “Clean Happens” attitude while easily being the planet’s best-performing green cleaning products. Better Life quickly removes all the nasty gunk without leaving harmful toxic chemical residue behind.

With their humorous product titles and their eye catching colors, the Better Life products are sure to be a favorite of yours as they have become a favorite of mine. The best thing I’ve found when it comes to these products is their selection. From granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and wood furniture, they really have a product for just about anything. ANYTHING.

People are our most valuable resource. Why would anybody make a product that isn’t safe for us? Better Life blends highly specialized surfactants made from sugar, starch, and amino acids – all safe stuff. You’ll never see sulfates, ethoxylates, fragrances, dyes, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as glycol ethers and alcohols in our products. VOCs vaporize, entering the air we breathe. They’re triggers for respiratory problems, nausea, headaches, and skin irritation, and contribute to many more ailments. Learn more about the guys who make cleaning safe.

But wait… there’s more.. keep reading. We have something for you.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

If you could only pick 2 products to purchase, these 2 products should be at the top of your list. I will definitely be using them daily.

what-EVER! Green All-Purpose Cleaner

SURFACES: Use this safe cleaner on any washable non-porous surface, including: countertops, appliances, sinks, toilets, walls, baseboards, floors, tables, chairs, showers and tubs.

Tough & Gentle. Use what-EVER! and be amazed how it will perform on your toughest jobs, but rest assured that you are not harming your surfaces while using it. what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner is solvent-free (no ammonia, alcohol, ethers) and pH neutral.

Sensitive to scents? Then you’ll love what-EVER! It is NOT irritating to allergy and asthma sufferers because it is made without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) perfumes and dyes.

Even The Kitchen Sink – Green Gentle Scrubber

Finally a scrubber that you don’t need to hold your breath while cleaning the shower and run out to the hall gasping for a breath of fresh air.

SURFACES: This naturally powerful gentle cleaning scrubber works wonders on tubs, tile and grout, toilet bowls, shower doors, ceramic, stovetops, glass cooktops , stainless steel sinks, porcelain, enamel, stone, cultured marble, non-polished solid countertops, & laminate. If concerned, test in an inconspicuous area first.

We love all of their products and now, thanks to Better Life, you can love them too! We are going to be giving away a box of 6 products to 1 lucky reader! Giveaway has ended!

Better Life – Giveaway: $42 value

1 winner + 6 products of your choosing

If you want 6 bottles of What-EVER? Great! Maybe you want 1 of 6 different products? No problem. The prize has a $42 value.

How To Enter

Please leave a comment and let us know which products you would love to try! You can see all of the cleaning products here:

Extra Entries

Want a better chance of winning? Feel free to LIKE Better Life on Facebook. By doing so, this will give you an extra chance to comment.

This giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 2nd. It is open to US Residents only. Must be 18.

Not only can you find these products in your local health food stores, you can also find them online by clicking here: Want to try out all the products? They actually offer an amazing Starter Kit for only $35.55 (FREE SHIPPING)! This will give you the chance to see what you like best and take them all for a test drive. View the starter kit here:

The starter kit features four of their planet’s best-performing natural cleaning products. They use all plant-based ingredients to keep your world sparkling and your family safe. It comes in a natural, durable, collapsing Caddy that conveniently carries all the supplies you need to get the job done quickly including two special sponges from their friends at Twist.

Congrats to #36: Leah H. Leah said:

The simply flooded and even the kitchen sink would probably be my top two :) I love the lable designs!

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  • Stepanie E.

    Oh my gosh, my lungs thank you! I’ve always wondered how well the “green” cleaners work. We’ve tried a few, but they weren’t great. I’d love to try this!
    Shopping list: (hehe)
    Even the kitchen sink
    I can see clearly, wow!
    Simply Floored (x2, tile throughout the house.)
    2am Miracle

  • Stepanie E.

    Liked better life on facebook :)

  • Katie F

    I’d love to try out the floor cleaner. I love my steam mop but sometimes wish I had a safe cleaner to use on it as well for an extra clean!

  • Katie F

    Like better life on FB

  • Denise L

    Simply Floored!

  • Denise L

    I like Better Life on fb :)

  • Sarah Royse

    I would love to try 2am MIRACLE and SIMPLY FLOORED! Thanks!

  • Sarah Royse

    I’m already a Facebook fan of Better Life!

  • Jeryl

    I would love to try the simply floored.

  • Jeryl

    I Liked on FB. I also would love to try the Whatever cleaner.

  • Jessica

    I would love the 2am miracle and what-ever :)

  • Kaydee

    The what-EVER cleaner for sure.

  • Kaydee

    I liked on Facebook.

  • Beth

    I am curious! THe products seem awesome! WOuld like to test and take a whif :D

  • Emily Hines

    Oak-y dokey is one of the only ones I haven’t tried yet and would love to try! These products a great! I even gave them out as Holiday gifts last year!

  • Beth G.

    I would love to try What-ever and Simply Floored. As one with serious chemical allergies, I’ve been dying to try the products. Unfortunately, with no jobs at the moment – we are forced to clean with what exists in the cupboard. Ugh. Crossing my fingers! :)

  • angela goff

    Definitely the what-EVER… and I would also love to try the 2am miracle, simply floored, and even the kitchen sink!

  • angela goff

    I liked them on FB :)

  • Marsha Webber Pope

    I would love to try the 2 am MIRACLE! I’m never sure what is safe to use for my baby!

  • Marsha Webber Pope

    I like Better Life on Facebook!

  • Jessica S

    Simply Floored. I’m always looking for an awesome product to clean my kitchen floors with.

  • Ashley Laschon

    I never have & I dont normally use green products but Im all for a giveaway! :D

  • Katie F.

    I would like to try Even the Kitchen Sink.

  • Katie F.

    I liked them on FB.

  • Katie J.

    I would like to try them all, but especially 2am miracle and what-ever.

  • Trudy

    I’d like to try the I Can See Clearly, Wow!

  • Brooke H

    I liked them on FB

  • Brooke H

    Love the names! I would lie to try Even the Ktchen sink

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I’ll be perfectly honest with you here…I, personally, don’t want to try any of these products; however, I want to win all of them so that my husband and kids can use them! LOL – Seriously, I’d love to try what-Ever! All-purpose cleaner. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I like Better Life on Facebook

  • kandi

    i would love to try any of these products. im only 6 months pregnant and already nesting like crazy! Alot of smells I can’t stand and others I love so it would be interesting to see how they affect me compared to other products also! I liked on facebook and visited the website also, and everything looks like something worth trying =0)

  • Niecey Docherty

    I’m interested in the 2am miracle

  • Niecey Docherty

    I like betterlife on facebook
    FB user name: Niecey Docherty

  • Ben W

    Would love to try:
    2am MIRACLE

  • Meghan

    I would love to try out these green cleaning products!
    Ifi could pick I would try what-EVER, simply floored, 2am miracle and everything bit the kitchen sink!

  • Leah Hennager

    The simply flooded and even the kitchen sink would probably be my top two :) I love the lable designs!

  • Sonya Morris

    I would love to try the 2am miracle and simply floored :)
    Thank you!

  • Sonya Morris

    Like Better Life on Facebook :)
    Thank you!!

  • Lisa M

    I would love to try the TAKE IT FOR GRANITE cleaner and the STARTER KIT! I have been looking for some natural cleaners! Thank you for this giveaway!!!

  • Lisa M

    I LIKE Better Life on Facebook. Would love to win this because my boys could help clean ;)

  • Tanja Hodge

    I wish this was available in Canada. I love it! We scoured the stores on our US trip this summer just so we could try it. I am almost out now :(

  • Jeryl

    I would love the starter kit but simply floored would be the first product that I would be interested in trying.

  • Leah Hennager

    Yay! Thank you Modern Moms!! Im so excited to try it out!

  • Leah Sampson Hennager

    Yayyy! Im so excited to try out these natural cleaning products! Im pretty OCD when it comes to a clean home so Im always on the look out for products like this! Thank you Modern Day Moms <3

  • Modern Day Moms

    You are welcome Leah Sampson Hennager! Congrats.

  • Modern Day Moms

    Check your e-mail :)

  • Leah Sampson Hennager

    I will!

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