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Wine Review: Concannon – Conservancy Merlot

Welcome to Wine Wednesday! Here you will find new wines at an affordable price. See all of our Wine Wednesday features here. You can also view our Cocktail Corner posts here.

I have really been enjoying all the wines I have sampled from Concannon’s Conservancy collection. If you’ve missed any of those posts, you can read them HERE.
The Merlot was quite an impressive wine. It is a medium-bodied Merlot and very food-friendly. Aromas and flavors of blueberries, chocolate, dark cherries predominate. Secondary notes of cigarbox, brambles and caramels add complexity and lead to a rich textured finish. This wine has lush ripe flavors, fine tannins and great depth.


Taste with John Concannon:

All of the Conservancy wines are sourced 100% from grapes grown in precious Livermore vineyards that are protected from urban encroachment by a conservation trust that preserves the land for perpetuity. All the Conservancy wines are terroir-driven with an emphasis on balancing fruit with wine-making style. The Tri-Valley Conservancy now has over 3,100 acres. Pretty impressive!

Want to hear the best part?

This Conservancy Merlot only has an SRP of $15! Pick some up tonight and enjoy it with gourmet pizza or a tasty hamburger.

To visit the Concannon website to learn more about this wonderful winery and all their tremendous wines, please visit:


They are friendly!
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**(Disclaimer: I received a bottle to taste but the words written above are strictly my own opinion and my love for a great tasting wine for it’s value. See other Whine-O Wednesday Posts!)

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