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Kid Crafts: Crayola Digital Light Designer

Crayola Digital Light Designer Brings Kids’ Imaginations
to Life with Color and Light

Okay…. this product is out of this world. Seriously, it’s pretty crazy, however, I know that is what will draw kids in. My daughter would be a big fan. Crayola, you’ve done it again.

Crayola continues to dazzle kids with unique new ways to bring their imagination to life. The revolutionary new Digital Light Designer lets kids create with colored LEDs on a 360 degree domed drawing surface. Three different modes lets kids create dynamic free-hand drawings with special effects, amazing animations and have hours of fun with interactive drawing games and activities.

Kids can save up to 50 of their original masterpieces in the gallery so they can replay their creations, edit them and set them in motion with cool animated effects like spinning, melting and image mix-up. Adding even more fun to creating with light, over 50 interactive drawing games and activities are available for kids to enjoy, including maze races, animated connect the dots, mirror draw and memory games.

With the Crayola Digital Light Designer, kids can draw with lights to create, animate and play! The Digital Light Designer uses colored LED technology as the medium to bring kids’ colorful ideas to life on a 360 degree domed drawing surface. Three different modes of play provide endless fun for kids – free-hand drawing, animation creation and games and activities.

Using the digital light stylus, kids can select colors and line width to begin free-drawing anywhere on the domed surface. They can easily switch between 8 different colors, or erase and start over. Kids can save up to 50 of their creations in the gallery so they can add amazing special effects to their drawings. Kids can make their freehand drawings spin, change color and melt. There are two different animation modes for simple or more advanced animated features. There are a variety of interactive games and activities included to keep the creative fun coming, including maze races, animated connect the dots and mirror draw. The Digital Light Designer includes the 360 degree Light Designer domed drawing surface, digital light stylus and easy to follow instructions. (4 D batteries not included)

SRP Age Availability
$49.99 6+ Sept. 2012

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