“DIY Halloween Handprints (Kid-Friendly)”

Have the kids give you a hand with a project that’s so fun, it’s scary!


Materials (from Lowe’s)
1″ 6″ 3′ poplar board (#1089)
Valspar Satin Black spray paint (#282318)
Valspar 8-ounce Clean White paint sample (#93679)
Sharpie metallic marker, 2-pack (#215822)
Sharpie twin-tip black marker (#155450)



Step 1
Cut the poplar board to desired lengths (we cut ours into 8″ pieces); sand and remove dust with a tack cloth.

Step 2
Apply a coat of black spray paint to the board and let dry.

Step 3
Pour the white paint into a plastic container, then lightly dip your children’s palms in the paint. Have them press their hands against the boards, fingers facing down so the impression resembles a ghost. Let dry.

Step 4
Have your children draw a face on the “ghost” with a black Sharpie marker and add their names and year with a silver Sharpie. Then enjoy their cheers and boos!

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