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DIY Front Door Halloween Monster

I found another easy way to decorate for Halloween!! I wanted to do something outside without a great amount of effort… and definitely without needing ladder (I have some neighbors that go all out, and while I have respect for people that can really get into this holiday… I just can’t. But I swear I’m trying). I thought this would be so cute, especially for Halloween night! My 2 year old loves it, so I think the neighborhood kids will think it’s pretty cool too. Or at least I will convince myself that they do.

DIY Front Door Halloween Monster

I got some pumpkins and gourds, hit up the dollar store for some streamers and spooky decorations and went to work!

Here’s what you need:

Masking tape
2 paper plates
Black paper (cut into circles for the eyes)
Flower pots
Halloween decorations (I used Dollar Store tombstones, but feel free to jazz it up with something else)

Add pumpkins, gourds and decorations to your flower pots on the porch and then create a Monster on the front door with the streamers and use the paper plates with the black circles for eyes.

There are about a bazillion different ways and faces you could do. I just taped it all up with masking tape and called it good.

It may not last until Halloween night, but considering it barely took 20 minutes to put up, I’m ok with creating it again… perhaps I’ll even switch it up a little and give him a different expression!

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This post was contributed to Modern Day Moms by Sara Willis. Thanks Sara!


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  • Modern Day Moms

    This is absolutely adorable. I want to try this! Great job, Sara. :)

  • Jane

    That’s great, I’ve got a white front door so might try and make mine a ghost, thanks for the tip!

    • Modern Day Moms

      Great idea!

  • Rachel

    My husband panicked when I suggested using masking tape on our painted door, so I purchased poster board and will cut it out. I’m planning on using painters’ tape to secure it to avoid paint removing mishaps. I plan on creating our monster w/ my 6 y/o son this weekend!

  • jenni

    How do you make the plates stick to the door?

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