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Easy Zeppole (Sugared Fried Dough Strips) Recipe

Delicate strips of sweetened fried dough are eaten throughout Italy and are know by a variety of regional names. Southern Italians call them chiacchiere, meaning gossip, because the trail of confectioners’ sugar the pastries leave behind tells the tale of what you have been eating.

Frittelle is another name used which means a small, fried thing. The strips are also know as nastri delle suore (nun’s ribbons), cenci (rags and tatters), crostoli in Trieste and Fruili, galani in Veneto, and frappe in Umbria. Just as the names are different, the recipes for Zeppoles vary slightly from one region to another.

A zeppola (plural zeppole, in southern dialects zeppoli) is a pastry typical of Roman, Neapolitan and generally peninsular Italian cuisine. They are also served in Sicily and on the island of Malta.

Commonly light-weight, deep-fried dough are basically doughnut strips or fritters and are usually topped with powdered sugar and may be filled with custard, jelly, cannoli-style pastry cream or a butter-and-honey mixture. Their consistency ranges from light and puffy, to bread or pasta-like.

Zeppole are traditionally consumed on La Festa di San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph’s Day), 19 March. In Rome, Naples and Sicily and Malta, these little pastries are sold on many streets and are sometimes gifts on this day. They are also common in Italian-American communities in the United States.

The custom was popularized in the early 19th century by the Neapolitan baker Pasquale Pintauro.

Source for above information from Wikipedia & Mangia Bene Pasta

Read below for the recipe!

Easy Zeppole Recipe

Cooking Time: 1 Minute | Prep: 2 Minutes | Serves: 4-5

You will need:

Pillsbury Thin Crust Pizza Dough
Powdered Sugar

We will be using the same method that we did when I featured the 2 minute flatbread recipe previously.


1. Cut the dough into small strips. (This is a personal preference)

2. Fry the dough strips in a small amount of vegetable or olive oil.

3. Turn once brown. Note: They brown quickly so keep an eye out.

4. Use tongs to remove from oil and place on paper towels to drain.

5. Toss in powdered sugar and then try not to eat all at once. :)

Yum yum.

Enjoy! Let us know if you make. Also, if you like this recipe, please feel free to pin it below on pinterest!

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