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Why Hammock Beach Resort Is The Ultimate Travel Destination This Summer

Stop what you are doing right now and plan your next vacation around the Hammock Beach Resort – a Salamander Golf & Spa Resort, located in Palm Coast, Florida.

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A beautiful and peaceful canopy road brought us into the Palm Coast leading up to the Hammock Beach Resort.  Quickly checked in to the security station, and helpfully ushered to the front of the resort where we were to check in.

We first met Eddie upon check-in who helped us decide if we want to self park or valet. We chose to self park as it was closer to where we were staying in the Ocean Tower.  He was quite pleasant and offered his services for anything we might need, including picking us up in his golf cart and taking us to and from dinner and resort restaurants.  He went above and beyond to make sure we felt welcome.

When we got settled into our room, we were overwhelmed with how luxurious and beautiful it was. 










A beautiful balcony wrapped around more than half of our room and gave us a charming ocean front view.  Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t out for long as we watched tropical storm Colin roll in from our 6th floor view. 





The afternoon was getting increasingly more stormy so we wandered the property a bit.  We explored as much as we could considering the weather and found a great indoor pool, ping pong tables and a full gym.  

The gym was completely stocked with everything you need to get in a serious workout.  My husband was pleased as it was much more than “a place to do cardio and aerobics”, a major complaint he has with most resort gyms. Though it did offer enough for a casual gym goer, or someone looking to run off dinner, he said there was more than enough equipment to run through a real program to continue on if you are in a strength routine.  If you are a gym rat like he is, you would know this means it gets the stamp of approval. 

On the way out we ran into Kristy at the spa.  She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the area, local attractions and the resort itself.  Very friendly and personable we asked her all our questions about the surrounding areas, attractions, grocery stores, and the resort property.

The next day, the sun was out and it was time to enjoy the property. With only a few minute walk, we were standing on a beautiful beach. As the remnants of tropical storm calling shot out into the Atlantic, we were treated to a private beach with only a few other families to enjoy the view of the waves.  My oldest daughter delighted in collecting sea shells as my youngest cackled and howled back at the ocean breeze.

Tuesday brought us to St. Augustine, one of our favorite cities and not terribly far from the resort.  We visited the infamous Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.  Not without a stop at crucial coffee, a quaint little spot that serves some seriously strong brew. 


I also found a Dole Whip on St. George Street. Heaven.

The rest of our time in St. Augustine was spent wondering St. George Street.  We had to stop at Earthbound Trading co, one of the coolest shops in the strip for clothing.  Kernel Poppers is always a hit as well with their large selection of uniquely flavored popcorns. 

When we returned back to the hotel, we explored the property a bit more.  Looking a bit lost perhaps, Mike, the security guard was quite helpful, pleasant and kind.

A few steps away from our room was Delfinos, which serves  classic Italian fare. It exactly what we needed to fuel us back up from a long day. Janice, our Waitress, was stellar.  She was very helpful and made every accommodation possible for us.  It’s always helpful when waitresses understand that babies can get fussy, so she brought bread and appetizers quickly.  Beautifully presented items like eggplant parmigiana, a three meat lasagna, and various pasta dishes for the kids.  We also were delighted to find out that kids 3 and under eat free at both Delfinos and Atlantic Grille on the property.

The property offers a luxurious ocean front restaurant, the Atlantic Grille.  We were eager to try their dinner selections as we were quite pleased with their breakfast they offer. Curtis, our waiter, was very knowledgeable about the menu and suggested many items that would pair well together.  He was friendly and courteous, and very accommodating to our family and our dietary needs.

Pork belly was amongst the best I’ve ever had.  Tender and moist with a crisp outer, with an apricot marmalade.

Pita chips and lentils were a hit amongst our party.

It’s with heavy hearts that we left Hammock Beach Resort.  The resort was the perfect place with many things to do for our family.  The lazy river, waterslide and many spas and pools on the property left all of us entertained and happy for the entire trip.  The room itself felt like a home away from home and most everyone we encountered felt like family.  With its close proximity to St. Augustine and Jacksonville, this is a wonderful hub for family vacations and a luxurious getaway. We’ve just left and we already can’t wait to return. 

The oceanfront resort, the recipient of numerous accolades, will receive several upgrades: the elegant lobby will be completely refurbished, 75 spacious one-bedroom suites will receive an interior makeover, and the property’s expansive meeting and function spaces will be entirely refreshed. The Hammock House, the popular halfway stop on the resort’s famed Ocean Golf Course, is being also expanded. Renovation will be completed in stages and finished in its entirety after Labor Day 2016.




We are giving away a two night stay in a one bedroom suite at the Hammock Beach Resort. This is valid August 15-December 15, 2016. Not valid over labor day weekend. Must be 18+ and live in the USA.

Enter below. If you are on mobile, view here.

Hammock Beach Resort

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  • christina harrington

    My boyfriend and i would love to win this before are lil one is here. We have been together for almost 9 1/2 yrs and have never takin a vaction so that would be another plus for us.

  • Racheal L.

    Absolutely love everything I just read about this resort! Would love to vacation here with my family! Sounds like a place we would visit over and over again! Kids 3 and under eat free at two of the restaurants?! Unheard of! As a mom of 3 kids, one that just so happens to be a 2 year old, that detail is gold!!!

  • Jessica Bradley

    Hammock Beach is my most favorite place on Earth. I fell in love with my husband there, was married there, and now we can’t wait to share hammock Beach with our new baby! Hammock Beach will always have a piece of my heart. ?

  • Kristin Goodson

    That place looks beautiful. I would definitely feel comfortable and at home while I was staying there. My son would love the water activities there. I think I would want to stay in the lazy river all day. I also like that they have a well-equipped gym. I would love to take a vacation and stay at that resort!

  • Breeze Leonard

    This spunts amazing. My family would love a getaway like this!

  • Kristi Swann

    This resort looks and sounds so amazing!!! My husband and I have been looking for a place to go, kid free, so this would be a perfect spot for relaxation!!

  • Kim G

    This would be an awesome place to take the kids! They would love the lazy river (or maybe it’s really me that would!!). I want to go!! ?

  • Vanessa Robinson

    This would be an amazing babymoon before our second little one arrives in December!

  • Kaydee

    My boys would LOVE to spend the weekend here! We haven’t been on vacation since I broke my foot and knee within a month of each other. This would be an excellent reward for them taking such good care of me!

  • Karen Adams

    This place looks absolutely amazing and breathtaking! I would love to win a vacation,much needed! Thanks for the chance to win

  • Tammy Shelton

    I could so recharge my batteries here. It looks like a wonderful place to visit & I would LOVE to win a stay.

  • Arica Hutchins

    So beautiful. My husband and i need a nught away somewhere like this. W 4 kids and never a break unless were having another kid and in the hospital lol this looks amazing

  • Claire Kane

    This resort looks amazing! As a new mom I would love the getaway : )

  • Michelle Poe

    Would love to celebrate my 30th birthday here with my husband.

  • Claire McFarland

    This place looks amazing, great reviews as well. That pool with the lazy river looks like a dream come true. I would love to enjoy some relaxation time before our new little one arrives.

  • Bukky A.

    So due for a much needed vacation. Looks like a fun place to go to. Daydreaming already ;)

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