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Hot New iPad & iPhone Toys

Aside from the copious amount of games offered in Apple’s App Store, toy manufacturer’s are making toys that give playing with an app a whole new experience. Instead of just playing on your phone, children now can experience games in ways not previously available! We have chosen our 4 favorites:

1. Air Hogs Heli Replay Helicopter

This helicopter doesn’t need a remote (though one is included) and can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad.

2. Mattel Apptivity Toys


Play games, solve puzzles, and learn with the interactive Mattel toys on your iPhone or iPad. They have all of your children’s favorite characters so this is sure to be a hit!

3. Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Creativity Pack


Let your children create air brush, 3D and digital effects on your device. Cut down on mess and still let them be creative! Keep an archive of all of your kid’s art.

4. Dora Let’s Play Backpack for iPad


Simply download the app and place Dora’s infamous backpack on your iPad. It unlocks learning games for your child such as matching and other early childhood skills.



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