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KoalaKin: Hands-Free Nursing Pouch

Allow us to introduce you to the KoalaKin . A definite new mom must-have! Lactation Consultants & Modern Day Moms recommended.

The KoalaKin has 3 adjustable straps, to accommodate for different mom and baby sizes. Unlike a sling, the KoalaKin ‘s patented shoulder clasps were designed specifically to help you switch the baby’s position without having to flip the pouch, therefore making it easy to move the baby from side to side.

The KoalaKin ‘s ergonomic back support straps also help eliminate shoulder, back and arm pain by evenly distributing your baby’s weight and fully supporting your little one while nursing. Our product is made with 100% breathable cotton canvas and 100% soft & cuddly cotton fabrics for your baby’s maximum security and comfort.

Just a few reasons to love the KoalaKin :

1. Nurse while holding your baby’s tiny hand, read, chat on the phone or chase after your toddler – it’s all possible with the KoalaKin !

2. No need to remove the KoalaKin to switch your baby from side to side as you would with a sling or wrap. The KoalaKin was designed to let you nurse your little one on both sides with just one simple click! The side and shoulder straps ensure optimal adjustability keeping your baby safe and snug against your chest. This can dramatically improve your baby’s ability to latch and stay latched on.

3. The KoalaKin helps distribute weight and support your baby while you nurse, keeping you both in the correct position. This greatly reduces the stress on arms, neck and back, allowing you to focus on the most wonderful part of breastfeeding: connecting with your little one!

4. The KoalaKin folds easily and will fit in any diaper bag for excellent portability!

We had a chance to take the KoalaKin on a test drive… so to speak. It was obvious to us from the moment we opened the box, that this hands-free nursing pouch would help change the way moms breastfeed their babies. This pouch not only lends a “helping hand” and allows for a mom to easily breastfeed comfortably… it also allows the mom to move freely while she is feeding her baby. We were surprised at just how sturdy and well thought out this product is. We cannot recommend it enough! If you are a new or expecting mom, we definitely think the KoalaKin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch is a must-have item… and is a great investment for you and your baby.

You can find out more about the KoalaKin by visiting their website: They are also on facebook & twitter!

Note: This is not considered a baby carrier. This is a hands-free nursing pouch.

Update – Giveaway!

We have spoken with Mamma-Kin/KoalaKin and they are going to offer 1 up for a giveaway! This giveaway will run until the 19th of October. You are welcome to enter daily.

The winner is…

#62 – Jennifer Smith!

Jennifer Smith says:
October 10, 2011 at 6:14 pm
This looks so amazing, easy to use, and comfortable to mom and baby! I would LOVE to use one of these come January 2012 with my 4th child (but 1st girl hehe)!! Thanks for the contest!!

In order to enter the giveaway, you need to:

– Leave a comment below with your name.

For extra entries:

– Like KoalaKin on Facebook
– Follow KoalaKin on Twitter

Must be 18 years old & live in US or CANADA.

Have fun!

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  • holly

    Omgeeez I needthis in my life

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  • Modern Day Moms

    Isn’t this pouch amazing?

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  • Holly Katie Gineitas


  • Jasmine

    oh wow! This would be totally helpful to me!

  • Tamera Blount

    I would have definitely went for this oh, 12 months ago! Maybe for the next one :)

  • Cassie Sorrells Rogers

    This looks awesome….so sad that I’m at the end of breastfeeding, but it is on my wishlist for my next baby!

  • Modern Day Moms

    Giveaway is live! Go enter!

  • Blair Bearden

    I would be so excited to have one of these for baby #2. This looks like an amazing product! Keep up the great work!

  • Melissa Butler

    I would love this for my next baby or to give as a gift! :)

  • Melissa Butler

    i also liked them on facebook

  • Angelica D.

    whoop~whoop! …another awesome giveaway from MDM…you guys rock!…i’m crossing by fingers! Ü ~Angelica D.

    • Angelica D.

      P.S. I’m “following” and “liked” KoalaKin Ü

  • Jackie

    i NEED this in my life!!!!! BAD!

  • Lindsey Walters Smith

    On my wishlist for my next baby too! Love it!

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    Love this! Also liked on FB

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    Would LOVE this!

  • Heather

    Liked them on facebook

  • Heather

    Following on twitter

  • Rebecca DeSpain

    This would be great for my next one!

  • Sarah M

    Very cool! This would come in handy when i’m nursing my 4 month old and my 3 year old and my 2 year old niece are being crazy!!! :)

  • Blair Bearden

    Looking forward to having a KoalaKin for baby #2! Have a great day everyone!

  • Amelia

    Cool! Would love to win one! Thanks!

  • Amelia

    I follow KoalaKin on twitter (wyoamelia)

  • Amelia

    I like them on FB! (amelia mayer)

  • Heather Smith

    Oh my goodness I need this! I would love to win! Thanks for posting this!

  • Heather Smith

    I also liked them on FB :)

  • Steph

    Would love this for the new baby coming!

  • Steph

    Follow koalakin on rwitter as @Justaddcloth

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    So want to try this

  • Heather

    Daily entry for Thursday :) This one I WANT! Ahh my back!

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    I follow koalakin on twitter @Erin_Koza

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    Thi looks so cool!

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    This is such an amazing idea!

  • Staci A

    I liked KoalaKin on Facebook.

  • Staci A

    I follow KoalaKin @MommaStaciA. Thanks!

  • Katrina

    I would love to win. I am due with a baby girl in a few weeks and I could really use that!

  • Barb Meekhof

    This is an incredible product! I would really love to win!!

  • Barb Meekhof

    This looks awesome!! I would love to win!

  • Chris

    I would love to win this for my wife!!! It would really make her life easier with our newborn.
    p.s. I also liked the Facebook page

  • Anastasia B

    Boy would this be handy with a newborn to arrive in November and a toddler to take care of!

  • Anastasia B

    I like KoalaKin on FB

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    I follow KoalaKin on twitter as ecoblogz

  • Blair Bearden

    Friday entry! Looking very forward to having a KoalaKin for baby #2! How great would it be to win!?!? I hope everyone has a great day!

    Following on Twitter and Liking on FB as well! :)

  • Rachel

    LOVE this! as a first-time nursing mom with at least 1-2 more babes to come, I could get years of use out of this great product.

  • Jessica S


  • Christy Faucheux

    This is a must have for me. I think I need one so I can nurse and chase my 20month old around. Hoping I win!!! :) it would be a huge blessing.

  • Renee Simmons

    Loving this idea for a nursing carrier! WOW! Thanks for the opportunity too!

  • Renee Simmons

    Following KoalaKin on Facebook!!!

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  • Blair Bearden

    Saturday Entry! I hope everyone has a great day! Can’t wait to use the KoalaKin!!!!

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    Stopping by for a daily entry…This would definitely come in handy!

  • Jodi Severe

    Great idea!

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    Sunday Entry! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Can’t wait to use a KoalaKin for baby #2!

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    This would be really cool to win! Following on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Want this!

  • Staci A

    Sunday entry…Juggling my sleeping, nursing little one while I type. Could definitely use this!

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    Monday Entry! Hoping I win a KoalaKin for baby #2! Have a really great day everyone!

  • Kelly levinson

    This is a dream come true.

  • Jessica

    What a great idea! With a newborn, this would be so handy :) (Jessica Ryder)

  • Jennifer Smith

    This looks so amazing, easy to use, and comfortable to mom and baby! I would LOVE to use one of these come January 2012 with my 4th child (but 1st girl hehe)!! Thanks for the contest!!

  • Jennifer Smith

    I also liked on facebook as well and posted to my wall to recommend to my other friends =)

  • Heather Traylor

    Ooh! I want one. Baby is due November 30! I will follow you on both Facebook and twitter.

  • Lara S

    This would be fabulous! Wonder how good it works when baby is in their ‘distracted’ stages…..!

  • holly

    follower on fb ! In love w this

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    Tuesday Entry! Can’t wait to have a KoalaKin! Have a great day everyone!

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    Wednesday Entry! Can’t wait to have a KoalaKin! Have a great day everyone! :)

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  • Blair Bearden

    Thursday Entry! Looking forward to having a KoalaKin for baby #2! :)

  • Denise L

    I could definitely benefit from one of these!

  • Blair Bearden

    Friday Entry! Would love to have a KoalaKin for my growing family!

  • Staci A

    Friday entry…this would make my life so much easier!

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    Tuesday Entry!!!! I’m so lucky to have won the Arbonne package that I feel very guilty for this entry today! I love the KoalaKin so much! We have to have one!!!! :)

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