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Priceless Prints Jewelry

I don’t wear much jewelry. I have sensitive skin, so I have to really love a piece of jewelry to wear it.

So when a friend of mine told me she was given a Priceless Prints kit when she was pregnant, I was floored by the cute idea!

Priceless Prints are silver pendant charms with a fingerprint on them! You can make one with anyone’s fingerprint- your husband or wife, your parents, a pet, or-what I did, your child!

There are some other companies that make similar products, but Priceless Prints are so easy to use, and they are unique because the pendant charm is made WITH the print you take, not using a mold like the competitors do. So the print you make is what you will actually wear. Also, they are made of solid silver and are also available in 22 karat gold.

They come in a cute package, so giving it as a gift is easy!

Each kit includes everything you need to make a fingerprint pendant, including practice clay to make sure you get the best results you can! There is included instructions, but you can find easy to read directions with pictures of the process on their website to help you out.

Here’s the SUPER easy process:

Take out the silver clay, roll it around with your fingers until it is soft. Then place it into the included mylar square, and flatten it with something hard and flat.

Lift up the flap on the mylar, and press your (or your child’s) finger into the clay.

Let it dry overnight

Place it into the included box, and ship it back to Priceless Prints.

I recieved mine back within a week, and could not have been happier with the results!

They even added Miles’s initials on the back!

And I LOVE wearing it!


*I was given a Priceless Prints kit to review but the opinions are strictly my own. I LOVE my necklace!

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  • Deb Nester

    I LOVE IT! You did such a nice job representing my company and product! I’m so happy that you are happy with your “Priceless Print!”

    Thanks so much for the great compliments!


    Deb Nester
    Prairie Creations/Owner Creator

  • Jasmine

    I got to see this in person and I love it! It is beautiful! What a unique, sentimental piece to be wearing.

    Ps: I am jealous of your long eyelashes :)

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