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Must Have: Calendar Key Necklaces

Keys are one of my favorite things.

I used to collect misplaced keys when I was younger, putting them on big rings like a janitor. I’d jingle them around and drive my parents NUTS. Now I’m a little too old for that (though I do still have a pretty full keychain), I have directed my key obsession toward jewelry instead.

So obviously, I was beyond stoked to see this beautiful necklace by Not Just Any Old Day.

This Calendar Key (available in gold or silver) is a great way to rock a beautiful key and memorialize a special date, by marking it with the Swarovski crystal of your choice. You can even add custom engraving to make it super special so it’s perfect for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. It would also make an amazing “push present” for the new mama in your life! Not Just Any Old Day has an assortment of other calendar-related pieces, including rings and cuffs, if necklaces aren’t your style.

You want my personal opinion?

I really love the length and overall look of this one! I had both my daughters’ birthdays marked with crystals in their favorite colors, which they absolutely love. I’d gotten a bunch of compliments on it the very first day I wore it and people remarked about what an original idea it was.

If you’re thinking of buying this as a gift, you’ve got the right idea! Just make sure that you don’t confuse the date! My husband and I have a terrible argument each year about what day our anniversary really is (its the 30th, dagnabbit!), so I went with something more concrete! ;)

You can take my word for how awesome this piece is, or you can check out Not Just Any Old Day on their website, on Facebook and on Twitter!

*I was lucky enough to have received a necklace for review, but all opinions and words are my own!*

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