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Must-Have: Dyson Air Multiplier – Say Goodbye To Blades

I’m trying to contain my excitement for this next post. When I say must-have item, I mean, MUST-HAVE ITEM. For those parents who have kids who like to live life on the edge, you know, the kids who like to “test the waters”, who do what they are told not to do, (shall I keep going?), this product is for you.

I worked with Dyson a few months ago and did a couple of posts about the Air Multiplier but it wasn’t an actual review and I didn’t know how much I’d actually need this fan in my life.

Until, I got to test it out at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Oh, hello love.

Need you say? Oh yes. We have a 2 story house and the top floor can get a little hot in the summer. No matter how cool it is downstairs, it’s always so hot upstairs.

My daughter is a hot sleeper, she sweats and she still insists on using blankets… we had to actually hide some of her favorite blankets because in the summer, she would want to use them all… at the SAME time.

We really tried to avoid a fan in her room for fear she would, you know, put her fingers in it or other various objects. I wouldn’t put it past her, honestly.

Enter the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan. The blades on conventional electric fans literally chop the air, which means the airflow is uneven, causing unpleasant buffeting.

The Dyson Air Multiplier fan has no blades. Instead it uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify air 15 times, expelling 119 gallons of cool, smooth and uninterrupted air every second.

It’s smooth, it’s realllll smooth.

The Dyson Air Multiplier fan is powered by an efficient brushless motor and air speed can be precisely adjusted with dimmer-switch control. Fans with blades areonly wired to run at just two or three settings.

No blades means no need for a grille; so it’s safe and easy to clean.

And because its motor is at its base, the Dyson Air Multiplier fan can be tilted with a touch, unlike a conventional top-heavy fan, which needs to be positioned with two hands and can topple easily.

Safe for children

The Dyson Air Multiplier fan has no spinning blades, so inquisitive little fingers can’t come to any harm.

Dyson Air Multiplier fan: the facts

James Dyson demonstrating the bladeless fan.

No buffeting
The blades on conventional fans cause unpleasant buffeting because they chop the air. Air Multiplier technology gives an uninterrupted stream of air that doesn’t distract or buffet you.

Easy to clean
With its simple loop the Dyson Air Multiplier fan is quickly wiped clean with a cloth. Fans with blades are nigh on impossible to clean, with dust and dirt building up inside the cage. The same dust and dirt is then billowed into your face when the fan is switched on.

Unlike top-heavy conventional fans, the Dyson Air Multiplier fan has an energy-efficient motor is at its base, meaning it has a low centre of gravity and doesn’t topple over.

You have to use two hands to position a fan with blades. The Dyson Air Multiplier fan adjusts easily with a touch of the hand. It pivots on its low centre of gravity and stays put.

Variable airflow
Fans with blades have limited settings. The Dyson Air Multiplier fan uses an energy-efficient brushless motor, which means air speed can be precisely adjusted up or down. The airflow control switch control allows people to pick their perfect airflow.

Oscillation control
To oscillate a conventional fan you have to hold it steady, pull the toggle and watch it judder. Oscillating the Dyson Air Multiplier fan through 90 is simple. Press the button.

The Dyson Air Multiplier fan is constructed from tough Acrylontride butadiene styrene – ABS (C8H8 C4H6 C3H3N)n). ABS is a tough thermoplastic used to make light, rigid and moulded products. It has shock absorbing properties and is used to make car bumpers, crash helmets and modern golf club heads. It’s used in Dyson vacuum cleaners and Dyson Airblade hand dryers too.

So let’s talk price… The Dyson Air Multiplier fan costs from $299 and is available at and major retailers. Yes, $300 (and up) is A LOT for a fan… but this isn’t just an ordinary fan and if you have small children, safety first. A lot of moms who own this product say that they saved up and bought it and it was worth the peace of mind alone.

Here’s what I say… head on over to your local store that carries this product (Bed, Bath & Beyond… and check Dyson’s website for more information on where you can buy) and see for yourself. It is kind of awesome.

We received an Air Multiplier to review in exchange for our words, and as always, all opinions are our own.

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