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NEW Sleep Number® m7 bed – I’m a 45, what are you?

There are many factors to a good night’s sleep but if your sleeping partner routinely disturbs your sleep, it’s kind of annoying, right? Fortunately, most disturbances have reasonable solutions – once you’ve identified the problem.

Enter in the Sleep Number m7 bed. It cools, contours and adjusts to both of you. Yes, I mentioned COOLS. This bed has 3 inches of CoolFit foam with gel technology for a cool, soothing sleep surface. Exclusive SLEEP NUMBER DualAir technology lets you adjust firmness on each side of the mattress for your ideal level of comfort.

This bed is also naturally contouring and more breathable compared to the leading memory foam brand. Sold.

But, what if your sheets won’t fit? No worries. The mattress is basically a 12-inch bed with modern styling and soft knit fabric. Sheets… they fit. No special “deep pocket” sheets that costs more than your yearly income.


It is also a crucial time to get high-quality sleep, which is usually a challenge for pregnant women. The SLEEP NUMBER bed offers many advantages over other types of mattresses.

There are many issues that can cause you to have a crappy night of sleep. Let’s talk about those for a second, shall we? Then, we can leave them at the blog because… once you test out the m7, you will not want to go back.

Snoring…. oh, snoring.

Nearly forty-five percent of adults snore on occasion, and about 25 percent snore habitually. It’s a problem that can affect both the snorer and the partner. It’s more predominant in people who are overweight. Exercise and weight loss can make quite a difference. It’s also exacerbated by alcohol use or relaxants taken near bedtime, so avoidance of these can lead to improvement. Sleeping on one’s back also contributes to the problem. A somewhat softer mattress and a carefully fitted pillow designed to encourage a better sleeping posture have helped many. Actively dealing with allergies, colds and other respiratory problems may also help reduce snoring. There are more invasive remedies including dental appliances that hold open the airways and various surgeries to correct defects in the affected areas of the collapsed air passage.

(Snoring accompanied by a cessation of breathing for prolonged periods of time could be an indication of a more serious issue, such as sleep apnea, and should be discussed with your physician.)

Tossing & Turning… Turning & Tossing. Tossing and turning all niiiight.

An overly active sleeper certainly can cause angst for couples. While there are some sleep disorders that feature periodic movements (and are treatable), most of the time it’s the result of discomfort. Re-evaluation of the mattress or the addition of a comfort layer might help. Head, neck or shoulder discomfort may indicate the wrong pillow. A larger mattress provides more room and can greatly reduce disturbances between couples, as can a mattress that better isolates motion between sleepers such as one with separate air chambers.


While the ideal room temperature for sleep is in the mid sixties, individual preferences can lead to conflict and disturbed sleep. Fortunately, there are several remedies. There are new mattress and bedding fabrics that promote more even temperature balance during the night, and bedding that features a dual weight design heavier on one side, lighter on the other perfect for couples with different temperature needs. Many couples have their own private blankets (this solves the blanket stealing syndrome, too!). Ceiling or portable fans can solve the problem as well.


Most sleep specialists strongly advise against these activities in bed, but if one insists while the other is trying to sleep, compromise is in order. Keep the volumes down, set the sleep timer, and use a small clip-on light for computer use or reading. For the sleeper, there are many very comfortable eye masks and ear plugs that can block light and sound.

Too Soft/Too Firm

An adjustable firmness mattress, like the SLEEP NUMBER bed, features adjustability on both sides, allowing each person to select their ideal firmness level. So even if you don’t agree on how firm or soft your mattress should be, you don’t have to compromise your individual comfort level. And you can change it anytime you like.

Thoughts on the m7:

We went from a standard memory foam mattress to the Sleep Number m7 bed and haven’t looked back since. As a matter of fact, when they came to deliver the Sleep Number m7, we asked them to hall away our old bed. We were just ready to be done with it.

My husband likes a firmer bed, I like to sink into the bed. With the m7, both is possible, at the same time. It’s amazing really, how we prefer firmness that is found on different sides of the scale yet when laying in bed, you would never know he is a “95” and I, a “45”. Yet it works and it’s comfortable and we both sleep well.

The fact that you can control the comfort at any point of the night is one of the wonderful features of this bed.

You can find the m7 bed on Sleep Number’s website.

Disclaimer: Sleep Number has provided me with an m7 bed in exchange for my honest opinion. All words are my own.

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    This is the most comfortable bed.. ever. True story.

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