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I went to check my e-mail last night and saw the subject: Modern Day Moms was nominated for an award. Say what! I quickly opened it up and found out that this blog here has been nominated by as an All-Around Best Mom Blog! Holy jeepers. (deal with my weird slang, k?) I promptly logged onto beluga where the moms of this site and I chat, nightly… okay well, pretty much all throughout the day. We are bffls and that’s just what we do, ya know?

I wasn’t sure how to explain it so a few “OMG’s” started off the conversation, followed by a screenshot of the e-mail I had received moments earlier. We really were just… excited! This is SO cool.

So yes.. this blog you have come to know and love (aww, we love you too!) has been nominated and currently has 22 votes! We are on the 2nd page ya’ll! We would LOVE to make it to the first page… care to help us out? You can click the little hot pink “parents best blog” badge at the bottom of our sidebar or you can just click this link right here and click “vote”.

You can also click this too:

It would be super appreciated! Can you imagine if we get to 1st place? We might be thinking ahead here but we’ve got big plans and this would just… make our day. week. month.

I don’t know when voting ends but I know the announcements will be end of October.

<3 The Moms

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Modern Day Moms is an award-winning publication centered around motherhood that is real and unfiltered. Basically, we don't sugarcoat anything and aren't afraid to tell you the truth. Let's be best friends, we will make you feel more normal.



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