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Product Review: Crock-Pot® 6-Quart Slow Cooker with Stovetop-Safe Cooking Pot

I love Crockpot cooking! Sometimes it’s just as simple as tossing in a few ingredients and letting them stew all day. Next to the toaster oven, it’s one of the greatest inventions ever!

I’ve had a small Crockpot that was my first ever…when I finally started my own family and got serious about cooking. But I never used it much because it didn’t seem to suit my needs. What I needed was something bigger and more functional, especially when I am cooking for extra family members around the holidays.

This oval shaped Crockpot has been a blessing! Now whenever I make pot roast, the roast will actually fit well in the Crockpot with all of the other ingredients around it. The last time I used my smaller one I had to reduce the amount of potatoes and carrots because I just didn’t have the room for them.

Another great feature about this Crockpot is that the interior part can be used on the stovetop. You can reduce the amount of dishes used if you have something that needs to be precooked before going in. Today, that was my case. I am making chicken corn chowder and I had to slightly cook the chicken before putting it in the Crockpot and I had to saut e the celery and onion. Makes cleanup a breeze!


I love that I can set a timer on the actual Crockpot itself instead of on another device. And what’s even more amazing is when your timer finishes, the Crockpot will automatically switch itself to the warm setting!



Wendy is a facebook administrator and editor for Modern Day Moms. She is a multi-purpose mom (aren’t we all, really?) who loves home decor, couponing, sewing, photography, Pinterest, frugal living… ok, pretty much all the same things that most women love! She enjoys spending time with her family and friends while living on the gulf coast. Her two Boston Terriers - Oscar and Lily - occasionally make appearances on MDM.



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