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Push Pack: The Labor and Delivery MUST HAVE

As I prepared for the delivery of my son, Hubby and I did everything all new parents do: got the nursery ready, bought cute clothes, I helped teach him about infants, we did our registry, visited the hospital…THE HOSPITAL!!! I’m going to be staying in the hospital!

I have a hard enough time packing for a simple weekend trip. How the *&#$ am I going to pack for the most important “vacation” * of my life?!

*By vacation, I mean I’m away from home….not at all a breeze, just FYI.

I packed and re-packed my bag, trying to decide what I would need when really I had no freaking idea what was happening or what I would need. I had all kinds of extras- lotions, magazines (what a joke…who has time to read in L&D?!) lollypops, slippers, make up (another joke) and tons of things on top of that that I REALLY wasted space with.

I’ll save my list of must-haves to take to the hospital for later, because today I am wanting to highlight just one of my must-haves.

The Push Pack.

Why. WHY did I not think of this first?! This amazing little ditty bag is filled with the things you need for your trip to the hospital to have your little bebe. All you need to bring is clothes! Well, that and any other crazy needs because lets face it: you’re pregnant. We all have something a little crazy we HAVE to have close when we’re pregnant. I’m not judging…bring your second boyfriend (ie. the pregnancy pillow) or your poster of Justin Bieber because it’s you focal point for labor…I’m not judging.

The Push Pack is the brainchild of Laura Magu, a mother of two who had the difficulty of packing with her first child. When she was ready to have her second, she developed the first push pack to bring along.

It’s full of the things that are GREAT to have with you, the practical things!

Included in the Push Pack:

Lather shampoo, conditioner, body wash & facial soap
makeup remover
razor & shaving cream lotion
comb & hair bands
lip balm
toothbrush & toothpaste
breast pads
maxi pads
disposable underwear – um. GENIUS!
playing cards
nail file
Motherlove Organic Nipple Cream
Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm
thank you cards & pen
snacks, including oatmeal
Cutest Baby Ever sticker for baby

All in a lined fabric bag – great to reuse in your diaper bag!

This is a great thing to have especially for the first time mom who is overwhelmed with what she REALLY needs. Pack some jammies and throw in your push pack and you are set my preggo friend!

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura at a Baby Expo and got to see her Push Pack in person. It’s really an amazing deal at $44.95 for the ENTIRE pack. I’m pretty sure I spent 10X that buying things that were not ever touched in the hospital. These are all things that every mom could benefit from. The biggest benefit of all is that someone else is essentially packing your bag for you. At the end of my pregnancy, I was having a hard time doing anything for myself so having my bags packed with no extra effort on my part would have been heaven. These also make GREAT baby shower presents! Buy one for a friend or family member and help make packing a little easier for them!

Buy one using a $5 off coupon with code MODERN until December 2015 …

So make sure when you get ready to leave for the hospital you throw in your Push Pack!

Make sure and “Like” The Push Pack on Facebook to get the latest info!

*I was not compensated for this review. I really think this product is awesome.

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  • Stephani

    I received a Push Pack when I was pregnant with my second child and your review is spot on! It made all the difference in feeling prepared for the hospital and between my husband and myself we used everything in there (I still use the bag around the house)! The Push Pack is now my standard baby shower gift. I love when I find out a friend is pregnant, I start to anticipate giving her a push pack and I get so excited to see her reaction when she opens it. So far every expecting mom I’ve given one to has been really excited and found it extremely helpful to have in the hospital. I love the quality of products, better than I would buy for myself. I hope you’ll try it out and pamper a new momma in your life :)

  • Modern Day Moms

    Whats even better is that right now, The Push Pack is available with FREE shipping (until March 1st) and Modern Day Moms can’t let our expecting mommas go with just that…we also have a $5.00 off coupon code for you all to use towards your own Push Pack!

    Just use the code “Modern” when you check out to recieve your discount (available until June 1st 2012)

  • Alithea Henry Varner

    Too broke at the moment. But this is awesome. I’m going to use the list of things that were listed an try to pack them. I didn’t know that about oatmeal. As a soon to be breast feeding mother that’s great to know.

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