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“Quick Dishes Tip (because it’s never fun)”

Make sure all clean dishes in the dishwasher are put away nightly, this allows you to fill the dishwasher with dirty dishes throughout the next day instead of building stacks in the sink and on the counters.




  • Allison Cohen on June 7, 2012

    My husband an I just discussed this ‘rule’ last night. It’s nice to rinse a dish a place it in the dishwasher until its ready to run. A clean sink just helps the kitchen look cleaner.

  • Allison Cohen on June 7, 2012

    and place it*

  • Modern Day Moms on June 7, 2012

    Allison Cohen That’s SO true! It’s much easier to rinse it off and put it in the since without cluttering it up. Then when full, just run it.


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