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Sorta Fit: Why StrongLifts 5×5 Is My New Favorite Workout

The gym always seemed pretty intimidating to me. Even when my husband converted our garage into a gym, I was lost. I wasn’t sure where to start, or what exercises to do.

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I tried to follow some of the programs that he was doing and it just felt like too much too soon. I would be absolutely exhausted, many times not even able to finish the work out and sometimes even feeling physically sick afterwards.

I quickly learned that a successful workout doesn’t always have to be a torturous one. My husband suggested I start a program called StrongLifts 5 5. It was a simple program that focused on the basic compound lifts. These lifts are the ones that are most well known for building real life strength.


Seriously. Love. It.

Not only was the program perfect at 3 exercises per session, but I was spending only about 45 minutes three times a week working out. What was even more helpful for me was that stronglifts 5 5 has an app. The app helps time your workout, count your sets, and shows your progress. If progress starts to slow down for you, the app even adapts to that.

For the longest time I felt like I was in the shadows in my own gym. I would have to ask my husband what to do next, or if I was doing something the right way. The stronglifts 5 5 app also has a very detailed videos on how to perform each exercise with the correct form. This workout is fantastic for the beginner to intermediate weightlifter and really allows you to get results without feeling overwhelmed.

My biggest problem when working out was that it was all too much. It quickly became overwhelming and I ended up going back to the things I felt comfortable with like bodyweight exercises. There came a point where those exercises didn’t help me any further and after starting stronglifts 5 5, I started to see my body change in a short time.


I just can’t say enough good things about stronglifts 5 5 and if you are new to weightlifting or looking for a different program to change things up, consider this app.

Download it here.

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