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Tech Talk: Webkinz

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My daughter is just getting to the age where she loves to play games as a family. Her favorites as of late have included Monopoly, Checkers and Backgammon. Interesting choices for a kindergartener but she is really good at them and her concentration level is unbelievable.

I love the time spent playing these games. It’s fun to see her expressions and I love the family interaction. Another thing she loves to do, play online games. There is one site she goes to where it’s just a full page of games. She clicks on the ones she wants to play and calls my husband and I in the room so we can play with her. The great thing about it is she is able to access them from the computer or the laptop. She really enjoys the games that include dress-up, make-up and this one roller coaster game that requires some building skills.

When I heard about Webkinz, I was totally intrigued.

The original kids’ online world, Webkinz World introduced the concept of web-enabled toys. Webkinz pets are stuffed animals that combine the timeless fun of plush with the interactivity of the Internet. Members adopt pets, go on quests, decorate rooms, play games and quizzes, and create rooms and chat’ within a controlled environment.

Webkinz leads the way in social gaming co- play! They have recently launched Webkinz Friends (on Facebook), enabling teens and adult fans to earn and send prizes to ANY Webkinz World account anonymously from Facebook. Ganz, the creators of the original kids’online world, is excited to announce that Webkinz World is now free- to- play!

Webkinz is using innovative, game- changing technology!

In addition to enabling parents and teens to send prizes from Facebook, Webkinz is also utilizing a similar cross- platform tool using the tablet!
The entire family can play the new upcoming Webkinz Friends game on the iPad to earn prizes for Webkinz World accounts. Webkinz has also released a slew of arcade- style mobile games for the iPhone and iPod touch that allow players to send Webkinz World currency (KinzCash) to any account.
Players can adopt Webkinz plush within the game using a secret code using its secret code.

“It’s the new face of co- play, where everyone can have fun in their own age- appropriate environments.” – – Howard Ganz, president of Ganz and creator of Webkinz.

“Webkinz World is a family- friendly brand, and we want fans to enjoy our online world on the platforms they have embraced”… In the 7 years since we introduced Webkinz World, we have seen players grow up with the game. They still have accounts, they still love their pets but they are ready for a more social environment. ” – – Howard Ganz, president of Ganz and creator of Webkinz.

Webkinz Rockerz Pet Giveaway:

We are giving away one of the newest rockin’ Webkinz Rockerz pets. Whether it’s Monopoly or Chess, we ask that you leave a comment below and let us know what game you love to play together as a family. Winner will be picked tomorrow, July 17th. Must be 18+.

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  • Webkinz Staffers!


    Thank you for talking about Webkinz & Webkinz Friends! We’re thrilled to now provide the entire family with Webkinz fun! Join our conversation on the official Webkinz Facebook page

  • Laura

    We love to play Yahtzee

  • Lisa

    We’ve always loved games like Cadoo, Apples to Apples, etc. that get us all laughing – and, our most recent addition to Family Game night rotation is Killer Bunnies!

  • Laura

    Our favorite games to play are Sorry! and Clue.

  • Christina

    We love to play Apples To Apples.

    • Ricke

      Some of our favorites games are Boggle, Uno and Parcheesi!

  • Erin

    We love to play Guess Who? as a family and my older 2 kids and I play a ton of Webkinz together.

  • Staci A

    We love Go Fish, War, and Monopoly!

  • Nicole Larsen

    Candy Land and Go Fish!


    scrabble as teams and we do not keep score- great for spelling

  • Aura

    my son loves monopoly and with the little ones its usually chutes and ladders or candyland

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