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Unique Baby Bags from Ness Bags

With 3/4 of moms at least trying to breastfeed their new babies, it’s surprising there aren’t more designer diaper bag options created with their unique needs in mind. BabyBrowns has introduced Ness Bags and The Mamie Bag, which is designed by a nursing mom for nursing moms.

BabyBrowns announced it has introduced Ness Bags, a new line of designer baby bags specifically created to meet the unique needs of nursing moms, to its online baby boutique at

“There are already a lot of designer diaper bag options out there, in fact we offer nearly 20 different brands in our online store alone,” said Bethany Beaver, Owner of BabyBrowns. “But what got us really excited about Ness Bags was the truly innovative and high quality product that founder Crystal Goss has designed specifically for moms who are breastfeeding, as well as the unique story and mission of the company.”

Ness Bags was founded in 2009 by Crystal Goss after she got frustrated with not being able to find a baby bag on the market designed to meet the needs of mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. “I didn’t want a traditional diaper bag or the stereotypical black canvas breast pump tote that every nursing mother recognizes,” said Crystal Goss. “So, with the encouragement from my husband, I designed the best baby bag for nursing moms I could using my own experiences as a nursing mother.”

The Mamie Bag by Ness Bags is specially designed for moms who are nursing and breastfeeding. But, it is unlike anything else available on the market today. “You may find generic nursing bags, breastfeeding bags, nursing tote bags, breast pump bags or breast pump totes that provide some basic level of utility, but you won’t find anything with the design, style and fashion sense found in Ness Bags,” said Bethany Beaver.

In the 2011 Breastfeeding Report Card completed by the United States Health & Human Services Center for Disease Control & Prevention, 75% of moms have at least tried breastfeeding, 44% are breastfeeding at the time the child is 6 months old, and 24% at the time the child is 12 months old. “Natural parenting trends, including breastfeeding, are on the rise as the positive health and bonding benefits are researched and become more widely understood,” said Bethany Beaver. “With nearly 4.5 out of 10 moms breastfeeding their babies from birth to 6 months of age, there is definitely a growing market for this product.”

“As an online baby boutique, we are focused on bringing our clients the highest quality and unique products available today,” said Bethany Beaver. “But, we are also interested in the company behind the products. We were truly inspired as we began to learn more about Ness Bags’ mission.” Ness Bags is named after the Hebrew word for “miracle.” And, each bag design is named for a special baby and its journey to survive birth, or an organization devoted to helping newborns and families in their struggle.

The Mamie Bag

“The Mamie Bag is named after a little girl who was stillborn 2 1/2 weeks before her due date. In honor of Mamie, her mother founded Mamie’s Poppy Plates,” said Crystal Goss. This non-profit program provides parents who are not able to take their babies home from the hospital a keepsake memorial with the baby’s handprints and footprints. A percentage of all Ness Bags sales of The Mamie Bag go to support Mamie’s Poppy Plates.

The Mamie Bag from Ness Bags offers specialized interior and exterior organization maximizing the utility for nursing moms with room for breast pump, breast milk storage, nursing covers, as well as other baby gear. Sectional interior dividers with hook-and-loop fasteners make for versatile storage options that can be customized for your preferences. Five external pockets provide convenient access to mom’s keys, cell phone, wallet and other personal items

The Mamie Bag also has a detachable cooler for the option of storing liquids, including breast milk which is compliant with Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The bag is made from durable high-quality man-made leather outer material that is spill and wear resistant and is available in four designer colors: purple, teal, taupe, or gray.

The Eli Bag

Another Ness Bag design called The Eli Bag is a perfect designer baby bag for all moms. It’s not too small, it’s not too big it’s just the right size. Moms appreciate how versatile this bag is with adjustable straps allowing it to be carried in three ways. The Eli Bag has three exterior pockets and three interior pockets to help keep mom’s personal items and the baby’s gear organized while they are on the go.

Promotional Offers
For a limited time, BabyBrowns is offering a special promotion on Ness Bags which includes a 20% discount using coupon code NESS20OFF, free shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee. In addition, shoppers can win a free Ness Bag when you connect with BabBrowns via social media. Individuals will be automatically entered into a drawing when they connect with BabyBrowns on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. To learn more, go to

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