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VitaFusion: Gummies for Grownups!

For clarification, I’d like to state that I am a fully grown adult and I am not a wuss.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started. I LOVE GUMMY VITAMINS! Yes, its true. I take gummy vitamins every morning and they are delicious. This does not in any way make me any less of a serious business adult. (Maybe it does a little…)

My morning lineup: Prenatal, Omega 3, Vitamin C, D, and Calcium!

Vitafusion is a brand of gummy supplements made for adults in fun fruity flavors. These ain’t your toddler’s gummies – they offer a full line of everything from prenatal to immune boosters and even fiber. They don’t taste weird, they don’t upset my stomach and they are reasonably priced for a supplement that’s gluten, soy, dairy and peanut-free and made with all natural ingredients. Don’t believe me? You’ve just got to try them!

I first discovered these vitamins a few years back, when I saw someone buying them. I said, “What the heck are those?! You do know you’re a grownup, right?” After a lengthy explanation, followed by a “You’ve really just gotta try them,” I did. I haven’t used any other supplements since. In fact, I’ve gotten a number of friends and family members to make the switch too! (So now its your turn… don’t let me down!) You can score them at your local store or buy them on Amazon where you can even use their Subscribe and Save option to have them automatically delivered to you on a regular schedule

They also have a line of kids’ gummies that have even won awards for deliciousness! L’il Critters are made with the same high-quality ingredients, without all of the allergens and with all of the flavor. They even have a “Fruit & Veggie” supplement for those super choosy kids who never eat their greens! At our house, the girls come running when I announce its Vitamin time,” and to me, that says these gummies are keepers. My kids take the original Gummy Vites, Calcium and their Immune C formula with Echinacea. Of course, you should talk to your doctor’s pediatrician about what supplements are right for your children.

L'il Critters: for kids!


Go visit their website to see the full line HERE!


You can also check out their facebook and twitter accounts to keep up to date on deals and new products

VitaFusion for Adults




L’il Critters for Kids





*Northwest Natural Products provided my family with some vitamins to review, but the gummy love above is all our own!*


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  • via Facebook

    I take these everyday! Love the ones with omega3 in them. – Js

  • Valere

    I am currently taking the PreNatal Vita Gummies! They are so good, and so much easier to take than those huge Prenatal pills.

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