“What They Don’t Tell You About Aging (Until It’s Too Late)”

What’s With The Excess Facial Hair?

From birth to death, human hair—whether it’s on your head or body—seems to have a life of its own. Your hair might change texture and type, going from straight to wavy, or from dry to wavy, as you get older. Sometimes, it may even get lighter or darker. Yet, one thing men and women alike do not seem to realize is that body and facial hair is going to become far more pronounced. Men may notice some strands of hair sprouting from their nostrils and ears. Women will see longer hair on their cheeks, chin, and nose.

A reason women start getting more noticeable facial hair is because of changing hormones. After menopause, you aren’t producing as much estrogen, though your levels of testosterone might stay the same. Hello, peach fuzz.


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