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11 Hallowe’en Ideas That Take Little to No Work

Are your kids excited about Hallowe’en? You can make this year an amazing experience for them, without killing yourself! Sure, some moms out there will make fancy treats to pack in their kid’s lunchboxes, or spend hours making amazing homemade costumes. And who is being fooled … we all know that it was a mom who spent hours decorating that winning pumpkin at the school. Seriously, who has time for that?
If, like most of us out there you’re feeling burned out, scattered and aren’t quite sure what day of the week it is, then this blog is for you. Here are 11 Halloween hacks that are awesome and will take little to no time or effort on your part.

Four Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Hippie – Pull out the tie dyed shirt from summer camp, let your kid go to school with messy hair adorned in socks with sandals and if you have it handy, accessorize with some bead necklaces or weird sunglasses.
Witch – Get a witch hat from the dollar store and dress them in black clothes, which you likely have at home. That was easy, wasn’t it?
Cat – Draw a nose and some whiskers on your child’s face with paint or black eyeliner and make a tail out of something you have at home (think belt, rope, etc.). It’s the “meow-ing” that makes a kid a cat, anyway.
Nerd – This one is easy! Glasses are a must, a bowtie or tie if you have one, and a pencil and calculator in hand is all that’s needed. If you have some gel then style their hair, too.

Four Hallowe’en Decoration Hacks

Spooky lighting – Have lots of wine bottles hanging around? Hey, we’re not judging! Put them to good use. Let your kids paint them black (matte-black spray paint works great). Once they’re dry, add a long taper candle into the opening and you’ve got some creepy wine bottle candlesticks!
Spiderwebs – Spiderwebs bought at your local dollar store are super easy to put up – so easy you can get your kids to do it! They usually come with little black spiders too, which will keep the kids occupied as they position the spiders “just so”.
Ghost house – If you have white table cloths or sheets, drape them over your furniture to make your house look super creepy. Bonus: You’ll also be protecting your furniture from sticky kid hands, should you be brave enough to host a Hallowe’en party.
Pumpkins – Pumpkins are everywhere right now. Get a few extra and group them around your front porch, mailbox, etc. It’s a really affordable and easy way to decorate your house for Hallowe’en.

Three Easy Hallowe’en Treats

Ghost Lollipops – Okay, so we kind of dissed the fancy treats at the beginning of this blog, but this one is super easy, we promise! Just buy some round lollipops when you’re at the dollar store and cover them with white cotton material (if you don’t have white cotton, go ahead and use a Kleenex or paper towel). Tie where the stick meets the lollipop with a string or rubber band and get your kids to draw eyes with a marker. This will take you less than five minutes, tops!
Spider ice cubes – Remember the spiderwebs you bought from the dollar store? Save a few spiders and place them in your ice tray, then freeze. You’ll have spider ice cubes that you can use to add excitement to your next meal (or “trick” your partner and kids)
Apple sauce mummies – If your kids like squeezable apple sauce and you have some on hand, simply wrap the package up in toilet paper and draw some eyes. If you’re feeling extra fancy, glue on some googly eyes. They’ll have a special treat in their lunch from their “mummy” on Hallowe’en with literally zero effort on your part.

These ideas are yours for the taking, but we won’t judge if you don’t do anything at all. Let’s face it, the easiest thing to do is send the kids to their grandparent’s house and let them deal with it. Whatever you decide to do, have a happy and stress-free Hallowe’en!




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