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GloMate Plus

My son is always asking to have some sort of light on when he is trying to go to sleep. His nightlight just won’t cut it for him anymore. So while looking for solutions I came across Mobi Technologies GloMate Plus. This seemed to be the perfect solution to the whole bedtime light problem.

GloMate is the huggable, color changing night light / play light / travel light and has quickly become my sons favorite sleeping toy.

Here are a few reasons why we love the GloMate Plus:

  • LED light gives off no heat
  • Blue, green, red or rainbow colors
  • Colors can be cycled
  • 15-minute dim-to-sleep mode in all colors
  • Easy to clean soft-touch surface
  • Safe and durable – impact resistant plastic for little ruffians
  • Kid-friendly auto-on for grab-n-go action
  • Auto-on during power outage
  • BPA and Lead Free…Safety Tested and Certified
  • Glows 10 hours per charge
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery

He falls asleep cuddling with it every night. It is a wonderful security toy for children who don’t like sleeping in the dark. Plus, it can glow for 10 hours on a full charge so when he wakes up in the middle of the night, his GloMate is still on allowing him to feel safe and fall right back to sleep.
You can choose one color for the GloMate to stay on or let it cycle through colors. For bedtime we choose one steady color, but for fun we like to change the setting to cycle through. Here is a video we took of the GloMate in action:

The GloMate Plus only retails for $19.99!

Please visit their website to learn more about their products including their awesome WallMate!


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Disclaimer- I received a product to review, but the opinions above are strictly my own.



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  • Rebekah

    My kid loves these! It’s the only way she will sleep at night.

  • Sarah

    My 2 year old loves hers and loves pushing the button to change the colors.

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