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Katy Perry, a Preschool Dream

My daughter Amelia LOVES Katy Perry. Morning, noon and night its Katy Perry this, Katy Perry that. “What should we listen to, Amelia? Wait… never mind… let me guess…”

Now, not every Katy Perry song is kid-friendly. In fact, I’ve cringed and questioned my skills as a parent when I heard her belting out “let’s go all the way tonight,” thanks to Teenage Dream – but the songs are catchy, upbeat and so much fun to dance to. One of our favorites, Firework, features a positive message of being yourself, being brave and showing the world how awesome you are, something Amelia totally embodies. Other fun, kiiiiinda iffy, ones include Amelia’s favorite, California Gurls (“Mom, I’M a California girl too!”)

(Disregard my messy desk. Don’t judge.)

In fact, tomorrow morning Amelia is having a big operation at the Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. She has hydrocephalus, a lifelong condition in which her brain cannot properly circulate fluid, and was born with a skull defect called an encephalocele, which has basically given her a hole between her eyes. She’s had many other surgeries, beginning at 4 months of age and has been a total trooper through each and every one.




Due to the nature of the operation, she’ll be shaved totally bald (which is a huge deal since she’s been growing her hair out since her last surgery three years ago). If someone told me I’d be shaved bald, I’d be crying in a corner somewhere. But not Amelia. Her reaction? “Awesome! I can get a bright colored wig, just like KATY PERRY!”

While maybe Katy Perry isn’t a flawless role models for wee ones (if I ever catch Amelia in a whipped cream bikini top, I might die on the spot), she’s not half bad. She’s fun, colorful and seems to be devoid of scandal, which even the “squeaky clean” kid stars can’t say about themselves (yeah, I’m looking at you Hannah Montana). Anyone who gives my kid a reason to smile and not feel afraid is great in my book.

Who are your kids’ favorite “grown up” musicians or movie stars? Who inspires your children to sing their hearts out and wear bright green wigs? Share your story with us!

If you love Katy Perry like WE love Katy Perry, check her out on Facebook and Twitter. You can also find her tour dates HERE. Is she coming to your town?

*I was in no way compensated for this post. We’re just fans!*

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  • Charley

    Don’t mind me I’m just ‘go go Amelia’-ing everywhere I can! Awesome dancing, she’s mega brave and so are you xx

    • Jess T.

      Thanks! We love you!

  • Kaydee

    My boys love Cage The Elephant, weird I know but they are always watching the videos and listening on my phone.

    • Jess T.

      No way! That’s too awesome!

      • Kaydee

        Ha ha yeah my boys are pretty cool, don’t know many 6 and 2 year-olds into that band.

  • Jessica

    She’s a trooper!!! We <3 her.

    • Jess T.

      Not gonna dish on your little one’s favorite, Jess? Too embarrassed? HAHA

  • Emily

    Go Amelia!!! Miles LOVES Adele!

  • Cindy

    Amelia so brave and awesome you loved very much, you fill our lives with so much happiness, laughter and silliness! Recover quickly so we can play!! I love you! :0)

  • Jessica

    Her fav is probably bieber or ke$ha haha

  • ashley m

    my oldest son is into britney spears and j lo right now(cringe) and my littlest is probably more like me being he only dances to beatles elton john and most 70’s rock : ) godspeed amelia! hope you have a speedy recovery

    • Jess T.

      Oh no way, BRITNEY?! That is too cute!

  • Heather

    Harper LOVES Jack Johnson…haha (just for you Jess)

  • Stef

    My son (2.5) is obsessed with Jack Johnson and will listen to nothing else. He knows all the song titles and sings along to most. We havent listened to anything else for 6 months now. Music is such a wonderful thing to be obsessed with though so I grin and bear it!

  • Kristin

    Katy Perry, thank you for inspiring the most amazing little rockin’ chick EVER!!
    Keep being the amazingly inspiring sweetheart ever! Much love!

    • Kristin

      I meant Amelia is the most inspiring little sweetheart. I didn’t really make that clear.
      I’m a dork!

      • Jess T.

        Thanks! I think she’s pretty neat too! :)

  • mary

    Bieber for sure…I think it’s great that your daughter is using music as an outlet. Music can be so inspiring, encouraging, and help people cope. There is actually a study saying that people that indulge in music are healthy. So I say, “Go Amelia and your great taste in music!” We have actually gone to Lucille Packard and they are great!(nothing serious thankfully) There is something special about the staff at Stanford and Lucille packard :)

    • Jess T.

      Are you from the area, Mary?

  • mary

    Yes. We are here in central Fremont. We used to live in Redwood City but decided here is better schools and such :)

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