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Halloween Wreath

Welcome to another project corner! It’s been a while since our last one. This time, I’m going to share with you a project that’s quick, cheap, and perfect for the kids. We are going to make a Halloween Wreath! This wreath cost me under twenty bucks ($18.43 to be exact) and I spent no more than 45 minutes putting it together. Take a look:

I’m going to tell you what I used to make this wreath, but you can always browse around the craft store to find the embellishments that you like. Mine reminds a little of Sleepy Hollow and Nightmare Before Christmas. Two movies that I love to watch this time of year.

Supplies: I bought all of mine at Michael’s, except the creepy cloth stuff. That was from Dollar Store.

1 Black pine wreath ($3.99)

1 Bunch of Black Roses ($2.49)

3 Styrofoam heads. I liked the Skull and pumpkin combo, personally. ($1.49 a piece)

1 clip on Raven ($2.49)

Ribbon with wire ($4)

1 pack Cheesecloth/Creepy cloth stuff from the Dollar Store ($.99)

Craft Glue

Lets get started:

First you need to fluff up your wreath. When you buy it, it will be flat. It’s hard to tell in this pic, but take a look.

Pull the wire branches up and out towards you and away from you at random. After you mess with it enough, it will look more natural. Don’t be too perfect about it.

Next, take your embellishments and lay them on the wreath to see how you’ll like them. I liked mine centered at the bottom, but you can try them out spaced out around the wreath or maybe two on one side, and one head on the other. Just move things around until you’re happy with it.

Once you have your basic plan of attack, you can put the creepy cloth on. I took out the cloth, bunched it so it was like a length of ribbon, and then wrapped it around the wreath. I made sure to help the cloth drape a little between wraps so it wasn’t just flush against the branches.

You don’t even have to glue the cloth down or anything! Once you have it exactly how you like it, you can snag it on the branches in the back of the wreath. It will stay in place perfectly, without glue or staples or anything. Easy!

Next, I wanted to make a droopy bow at the bottom center. I didn’t want a really fancy or perfect bow, cause I’m going for that Tim Burton – Sleepy Hollow kind of look. So, I tied a very basic, but large bow right around the wreath in the bottom center. I made sure to leave long tails.

Now we can start placing our roses. I cut the rose bunch apart, but kept the stems long. I basically just started pushing them right into to the wreath and under the bow. The wire branches on the wreath actually help to keep the roses in place! Bend the branches over the rose stem wherever you need to.

When I was happy with how the roses were arranged, I held the wreath up-right to double-check and make sure everything looked centered. You should do that several times while you’re making the wreath.

Time to put the heads on. To attach the heads to the wreath, you will need to poke a hole in the back. I just used a piece from the roses that I had cut off, and poked a hole about a quarter to half-inch into the back of the head.

Next, put some glue in the hole. To attach the head to the wreath, find a branch that’s close to the position you want the head to be, and poke the branch in the hole. That’s it! You’ll be able to move the head around a little bit and get the wire from the branch exactly how you want it. Repeat for the other two heads.

Now, prop the wreath up one more time for a check. Fix what you need to, and clip the raven on. All you have left to do is to find a way to hand it! I used more ribbon, but I’ll probably run out and get a wreath hanger later.

That’s it! Really simple, and great results for under $20.00. Have fun making Halloween Wreaths, and be sure to post pictures on our facebook wall so we can see!


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  • Jessica

    This is so cute! Great job.

    • Bex


  • Emily

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE this! Have to make me a Halloween wreath!

    • Bex

      Can’t wait to see what yours looks like!

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