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Adorable Valentine Bird Feeder Craft

We love celebrating holidays with crafts at my house. This craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day and as a bird feeder makes it fun to watch after the craft is created.






Fruit Loops (Cheerios would work too)
String or Raffia or Twine
Pipe Cleaner

How To:

Take a pipe cleaner and bend the top so it starts the outline of the heart shape.

Have your kiddo string the fruit loops onto the pipe cleaner.

Once they are finished stringing knot the bottom into the heart shape.

Take your string, twine or raffia, we used raffia it was leftover in our house from holiday wrapping and loop and tie at the top.

Hang the heart feeders outside in a tree and do some bird watching over the next few days!


Tracie is a mom to a pre-schooler and a mini schnauzer. She loves themed parties, decorating, family outings, a foodie, crockpot master and obsessed with makeup and beauty projects. A girlie girl raising a boy in sunny south Florida.



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