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Catalog Choice Stops Junk Mail, Leaving You with Less Hassle.

People’s houses (and trash bins) are about to get filled with more junk.

The U.S. Postal Service is aggressively encouraging businesses to send more advertising mail meaning a deluge of unwanted catalogs, credit card offers, coupons and circulars for consumers.

In an effort to combat the impending tidal wave of junk mail, Catalog Choice is launching a new product to complement its online opt-out service. MailStop Envelopes is the offline way for consumers to control who can send them unsolicited mail. All people have to do is rip off the mailing label from the mail they no longer wish to receive, put it in their MailStop Envelope and send it back to Catalog Choice, who will handle the rest.

Users can purchase MailStop Envelopes for $6.75 each, fill them with up to 15 mailing labels from unwanted mail and send the envelopes back to Catalog Choice. Their staff will then scan the labels, fulfill the opt-out requests and record the transaction in customers’ secure accounts. Companies have 90 days to honor requests before formal complaints are filed and then submitted to the FTC. Customers can use the envelopes to opt-out of any unwanted mail including catalogs, donation requests, circulars and coupon mailers, as well as phone books. The envelopes are available for purchase at and can also be gifted to friends and family.

Catalog Choice has been testing the MailStop Envelopes with customers for the past several months. Brad Barrish, one such customer, said, “Catalog Choice is a no-brainer for anyone who is tired of receiving so many catalogs in their mailbox and just doesn’t have the time to write letters and follow up with the companies sending them. At $6.75 an envelope, it’s hard to find an excuse not to participate. Thanks so much for such a compelling and easy way for people to opt out of junk mail.”

“MailStop Envelopes enable individuals to stop unwanted mail seconds after they pull it out of the mailbox,” said Chuck Teller, Executive Director, Catalog Choice. “Since the beginning, Catalog Choice has empowered people to take control of their mailboxes. MailStop Envelopes offers another way to improve the relevance of mail for consumers, reduce mailing costs for businesses and garbage disposal costs for cities and counties. It’s a win for everyone involved.”

MailStop Envelopes is the offline version of Catalog Choice’s online service, which allows consumers to control who can send them unsolicited mail. In recent months, Catalog Choice has also partnered with communities across the country including Chicago, Ill.; Seattle, Wash; San Jose, Calif. and Kansas City, Mo.-Kan to provide localized mail preference programs for their residents.

About Catalog Choice
Founded in 2007 to provide consumers greater control over the marketing materials that enter their mailboxes, Catalog Choice is the world’s largest preference and privacy portal with more than 1.4 million consumer members and 4,100 direct marketing companies. By reducing unnecessary mail and phone books, Catalog Choice’s free and low-cost services reduce deforestation, greenhouse gases, solid waste and water consumption. Catalog Choice, a non-profit organization based in Berkeley, Calif., is supported by grants from the Overbrook Foundation, Kendeda Fund, Merck Family Fund and Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, as well as donations from members.

Disclaimer: This is not a review post. This product is beneficial for all parents!

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