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10 Adorable iPhone Wallpapers

This post is part of our Top 10 series… yes, even though it may not always be ’10’. To see our previous Top 10 related posts, click here.

Today’s Top Thursday is for all you iPhone users… which, let’s face it, is quite a bit of you. All of us moms here have iPhones… which we use to chat with each other often. This is a collection of cute iPhone wallpapers that go beyond the typical “HD Photo” that you will find on most sites.

If you like animal print, hello kitty, pink, floral anything, I’m sure you might enjoy some of these below.

Note: This is a collection I’ve had on my phone for a bit. The sources of these images are fuzzy, meaning I’m not quite sure where they are originally from. If you know, please tell us in a comment!

Instructions for adding them to your phone:

– From your iphone, click the image to open up the full size.

– Hold down on the image to save it to your phone.

– Set it as a wallpaper background

Enjoy! Tell us which is your favorite!

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  • Maya Flores

    I would totally get the zebra print one, but my wallpaper right now is a picture of my kids from a year and a half ago. The original doesn’t exist in my photos anymore bcuz my toddler son deleted it so I’m holding on to it for dear life lol

    • Jessica

      U can always do a screenshot of the photo from your iPhone :)

  • Emily

    I love the floral one at the bottom! So cute!

    • Jessica

      Thanks Emily! Did you download it? :)

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