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Tech Talk: Gifts for Geeks

Welcome to Jess T.’s Tech Tuesday, where all your geek are belong to us!

Shopping for geeks is hard.

They like things that you don’t understand, they talk funny and they have a faint scent of Mt. Dew about them. Lucky for you, I am a geek (and by default, my kids are geeks) – and I am here to help you shop for the geek in your life!

Before we embark on your gift-hunt, its important to know that there are as many types of geeks as there are geeks. You’ve got Science and/or Math Geeks, Star (Wars or Trek) Geeks, Fanboys/girls, Gamers, Cosplay Geeks, Computer Geeks, Tabletop-Gaming Gamers to name a few! So first thing, you’ll need to enter into dangerous territory… you’ll need to:

Talk to your geek about their geekiness.

This is actually the most painful part of this process because once we start telling you about our particular brand of geekdom, you might not be able to get us to stop. Its probably best to take notes because we might start throwing out jargon that sounds like a Dr. Seuss story, or better yet have us draw you a diagram. Believe me, this stuff gets convoluted. So let’s say you make it successfully past this stage and onto the next…

Dive into Geekdom.

You’re probably going to need to learn a thing or two about the geekery your geek loves. It could be a catastrophe if you are shopping for a Star Wars geek and you present them with something like this:

Yes, you get points because its space-related and I’m sure it cuts pizza just fine but you probably would have fared better with something more like this:

There are many stores and websites that cater to the needs of geeks, but let me give you a cheat code of sorts…

ThinkGeek is a website chock full of fun gadgets, merchandise, knick-knacks and more for just about every type of geek. You can shop by item category – like shirts – which is broken down even further – like gaming, Japan, Science, etc. – so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s a few of our Generic-Geek Favorites (since we wouldn’t want to rob you of the joy of specialty shopping), in no particular order:

The iNecklace: This computer button necklace actually lights up!

The Wrist Charger: charge your gadgets on the go!

World of Geekcraft is a how-to book for the coolest crafts around!

Aah, the survivalist geeks. My husband is one and he would LOVE this Tactical Sammich!

CTRL-ALT-DEL cups are a classy gift for any computer lover!

Ok, so the Airzooka is really just fun for anyone. It sends a giant POOF of air up to 20 feet!

I, myself, am a bit of a zombie geek. So this Zombie Hoodie is a totally awesome gift idea!

OH. MY. GOSH. An Etch-a-Sketch iPhone case?! PERFECT! (Also comes in iPad variety.)

Extra Bonus UberGeek Item:

This is not for the run-of-the-mill geek. The GLOWING Critical Hit d20 die is for the most serious of geeks.

The Bottom Line?

Geeks are people too. We like what “regular” people like, but maybe we just like things to be a bit more fun. This is probably why we have so many toys! Speaking of which, be sure to check out ThinkGeek’s “Geek Kids” section, which is jam-packed with ideas for every age group and interest!

Foster your baby's inner genius with the Periodic Table Building Blocks!

While this is by NO MEANS an exhaustive list, this should help you begin your search for the perfect Geek Gift. Remember, when in doubt… give a gift card from ThinkGeek or Newegg (where we buy our computer parts)! Nothing make us happier than the smell of new toys and components!


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