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10 Gifts for Grilling Enthusiasts (aka Dads)

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Top 10: Gifts for Grilling Enthusiasts (aka Dads)

With 90 percent of people across the nation attending at least one barbeque every year, grilling is an American tradition. For some, it’s a way to a good meal. But for others, it’s much more it’s a hobby, a passion, a way of life.

Westlake’s grill master Scott Drawbaugh says, “There’s nothing like grilling. I’m always experimenting with new methods and tools”

For enthusiasts like Drawbaugh, grilling is an art. It takes time and practice. Once you master the basics, there is endless room for experimentation with different techniques and recipes. And like any artist, a grilling enthusiast needs to be equipped with the right tools.

“Westlake is the place to go for grilling, no matter what season it is. Many places bring out the grills for the summer, but Westlake’s got everything you need for grilling all year round. And experts are always there to help you find the perfect grill and show you the latest accessories,” Drawbaugh said.

That’s true even in the middle of winter, because Westlake’s grilling experts know that not even subzero temperatures can thaw a grilling enthusiast’s passion. For these die-hard grill lovers, Drawbaugh and the Westlake grill master crew have picked out their favorite grilling gifts for 2011. And to help grillers find The One, Westlake launched GrillMatch, a web application with a quiz to match grillers to their ideal grill.

Take the quiz and find your GrillMatch now.

Now is the perfect time to purchase grills and grilling supplies, because Westlake is holding its annual grill sale, with the lowest prices of the year and up to $100 in savings.

Top 10 Gifts for Grillers | The Best Grill Accessories of 2012
Selected by Westlake’s Grill Masters

Rolling Meat Tenderizer

Blades quickly break through the raw surface of meat with just the push of the roller, allowing it to absorb spices and help food cook more evenly. $12.99

Vacuum Seal Marinade Box

Air sealer pump removes air from the marinade box, locking in taste and speeding up the marinating process. $24.99

Grill Topper

Avoid the frustration of food slipping through the grill with small air holes that evenly cook your food. Heavy-duty stainless steel. $19.99

Basting Pot and Brush

Specially designed basting pot is ready to use right on the grill. Able to withstand 400F; just fill with your favorite marinade and baste away. Stainless steel. $9.99

Cooler and Grill Combo

This set includes a portable mini-charcoal grill, insulated cooler bag and a three-piece BBQ tool set, which stores neatly in the bottom of the cooler bag. Perfect for tailgating! $29.99

Smoker Box

Adds outstanding smoky flavor to grilled foods with no mess, just add wood chips and liquid. $14.99

5-in-1 Spatula and Tongs

All of the tools you need in one gadget, including a bottle opener, meat tenderizer, spatula, serrated knife and built-in tongs. $9.99

Grill Surface Thermometer

Know when it’s time to throw down the meat. Easy-to-read 3.5-inch face. $14.99

Squirt Bottles

Have your “main squeeze” right at hand. 16-ounces. $10.99 for three-pack.

Grip ‘N’ Flip Super Spatula

Large size makes flipping hunks of meat easy. Built-in bottle opener. Stainless steel. $12.99

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