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Turning Trash to Treasure: Desk

I’m not really a newbie at turning trash to treasure. As a matter of fact, you may remember my post a while back about the sweet old dresser I found. I gave that dresser a little love and it’s been sturdy and functional every since.

See dresser:

Recently, as my family and I were driving down the road, my husband spotted a dresser and we stopped and picked it up. This dresser was not in the best of shape.

Not only that, it was missing two drawers. We later found that out. For some reason, we didn’t notice that when we picked it up. My husband even drove back to where we got it in search of the missing drawers. They are long gone.

Armed with tools & various craft things, I got to work. Here is what I had:

– Semi-Gloss Cotton White Paint (better homes & gardens brand)
– Small can of Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane (see here)
– Paint Brush
– Small Paint Roller
– Scrapbook Paper
– Paper Glue
– Acrylic/Silicone Caulking

After cleaning the desk, I filled in all the cracks and bumps with the white caulking. I then applied 2 coats (drying time in between) of the semi-gloss paint.

After the paint was dry, I added a polyurethane coating over the top only. It sealed in that paint really good and I am not worried about her scratching or peeling the paint off. It feels very sturdy.

See how shiny?

I had an old placemat from last year’s fall target sale. I placed that in the middle as sort of a desk protector but really, I just thought it was cute.

In the end, everything turned out great! I painted the inside of the desk where the dressers were supposed to be and I plan to find some cute baskets to put in their place. Still on the hunt for those!

End result:

I forgot to mention.. the scrapbook paper! The inside of the drawers got a little makeover too. This is where the paper glue and scrapbook paper came in handy.


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  • Jessica

    I love doing projects like this.

  • Ashley

    I love the fact that you can do all this its amazing as I was looking I noticed the owl lamp whitch I really LOVE my little girls room is going to be in owls but the two bottom spaces would look really good if you has some owl fabric and stapled it up like curtins so you could get in and keep things covered thats what I have do to several things I have hope I helped…

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